The Delicious Trip

2023 May 29 , bunbun

“Snacking away boring time!” skip it through BUNBUN “The delicious trip”
“Boring time”, All teens face it as usual and normally want to skip it. BunBun, a teenager snack, understands this pain and takes a stand for All teenagers in this new humorous film commercial “The Delicious Trip”.

Wolf Bkk collaborated with Thailand's well-known director, Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, to create this hilarious film based on the insight: “When we indulge in deliciousness, time flies by faster”. With BunBun a delicious snack, now boring time can be skipped through.

Film Synopsis: Mom's nagging goes for hours with no sign of stopping. The boy rocks it back by munching BunBun snacks to skip time and jump into the mind-tiverse of deliciousness. He left his body in the room while his consciousness entered the other world. No sooner had the boy left than mom noticed. After this, the beginning just began