The Unexpected

2022 June 22 , BunBun Snack

Wolf BKK grab consumers’ attention by using a hilarious plot twist commercial film that you cannot predict.

Snack market issues is one of the toughest most competitive market in Thailand. There are so many brands with tons of variants and flavors for consumer to choose from.

‘BunBun’, a green pea snack product, It's a snack that appears to be common. But if you try it, you'll see that it's much better than you expected.

This time, We would like to launch the new commercial to convey the message that “It ain’t what it seems” BunBun’s taste surprisingly delicious beyond any expectations. "Taste the unexpected.”

The story opens with a sad breakup scene that seems like it usually comes from a drama film. But this isn't a drama because the couple isn't who they say they are, the waiter isn't who he says he is, Moreover the entire restaurant scene isn't real but a hidden camera TV show, and that's not enough, it's all a dream in the Bunbun Snack commercial. It's unexpected, just like BunBun, an unexpected snack.