Seeing by Hearing

2018 October 19 , Banphaeo General Hospital


The Eye Department of Ban Phaeo Hospital, founded in 1995, started as a small department of the hospital, averaging at 30 patients per day. However, that number soared to 500 patients per day as Thailand's aging population issue worsen. The hospital needed to expand and be better equipped with proper medical equipment. Therefore, an engaging donation campaign was created.


The campaign has no celebrity, no engaging visuals because of zero advertising budget. The film "Seeing by Hearing" takes everyone on an emotional journey by experiencing what blind people felt. We got to hear the story and hardships that Ban Phaeo Hospital and their patients had gone through for almost 5 minutes before seeing what it's really like as an average person.


The hospital received 21 million Baht (locally and internationally) within the first month after the film's release. The donation keeps on coming as the film's being shared more and more every day on Facebook and the new facilities that they had hoped for looks brighter than ever.