Lick Away Bad Day

2018 November 23 , Netflix DOGS


Dogs are popular with Thais, but Documentaries are not, this makes the launch of Netflix’s docu-series about ‘Dogs’ celebrating their unique bonds with humans challenging but fun. How can we break genre barriers and draw Thai Netflix watchers, with tight budgeting, to watch the show with no Hollywood stars, no explosive action scenes, no tearjerking drama, just man's best friends in it?


The universal truth we all know is that dogs are indeed mood shifters. Your toughest day at work or an emotional love triangle can turn into a better day when you come home to this four-legged friend who vows to give you all that he/she's got to show you that you are loved and cared for with just a simple lick. Our creative idea “Lick-away bad day” is based on that simple act of love, which we demonstrated the magical power of dogs who can shift our emotions in just a second.