Online Press Conference

2017 December 10 , Singha Drinking Water


The main challenge of this campaign is the consumer behaviors. With drinking water purchase is being decided at the last mile, how can we put our client, Singha Drinking Water, front and center on both the convenient store shelves and young generation consumers' minds? And how can we adapt our communications approach to eliminate the parity of using brand ambassadors and make this unveiling more enticing and engaging?.


Curiosity always drives engagement; that is why we decided to not tell the consumers straight away about Singha Drinking Water's new brand ambassador. Instead, we utilize the power of curiosity to engage with digital natives by giving them hints all over social media platforms to spark conversations and lead them into cracking the code themselves.


The brand has earned a massive earned media in the first 24 hours of the campaign, leading to week-long free media coverage of Singha Drinking Water's new brand ambassador on both offline and online platforms. The public gets their answers as who is the brand's latest ambassador without the brand having to pay a single Baht for a traditional press conference like what other brands do.