It's not Ok to be Ok

2018 October 01 , SC Asset Neighborhood


SC Asset's “Neighborhood” project is an innovative real estate initiative that let residents, both of and not of the village, be able to utilize a common area designed from extensive research of the demands of people living in the proximity of the real estate project.


We challenged Bangkok's city motto has always been "The Perfect Life" by asking if whether we can make it better? Bangkok is touted as the one of the world's best tourism destination but ranked 102th of 120 for most habitable cities. The city is as it is because we choose to let it happen by not talking and doing anything about it at all. We ask ourselves, "Is this what we want?"


A satirical commercial film about the hardships of everyday Bangkokians sparked everyone's inner courage to speak up about what's wrong with their neighborhood and how to fix them, resulting in actionable ideas that are beneficial to SC Asset's "Neighborhood" initiative and its residents.