Shop Hard Work Harder

2018 November 23 , Central Midnight Sale


GEN Y’s definition of "favorite brands" is not defined by the brand's quality or trustworthy; they prefer a brand with attitude, a brand that truly understands them. The challenge of Central, a 63-year-old department store brand is how to connect profoundly with GEN Y while demonstrating the brand's core product that revolves around the idea of shopping.


The creative idea “Shop Responsibly: Shop Hard, Work Harder” was based on insights which we unearthed that GEN Y believes the one-source income era is now over, and if they want something, they need have it now.
Real shopping experts are those who excelled at life management skills. We saluted the ethics of these shopping experts by celebrating the idea that your ability to shop more comes from knowing you can work more. It's a paradigm-shifting ideology that Central, Thailand’s No. 1 department store, encourages because it eventually shapes all young-generation shoppers to shop more and shop responsibly at Central.


The “Shop Hard, Work Harder” campaign is an integral part of the communication that led to that year’s Central Midnight Sale to become the most profitable year since its launch from more than 20 years ago. The campaign shifted Central’s brand image towards a younger and more vibrant feel that relates with younger shoppers. In terms of engagement ratio, this campaign performed 3.3 times better than Thailand’s average and 2 times better than the direct competitor’s campaign during the same period.