2020 January 23 , Central Department Store

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Midnight Sale at the Central Department Store in Bangkok, We wanted to find a new way to make the decades-old sale event electrifying. From Shopper research told that nothing could stop their determination to shop at the best sales event of the year – nothing even the death itself.

Meanwhile “unmissable” becomes too normal for advertisement, so we launched the entertaining campaign with the pitch, “Don’t Die Till That Day.” The campaign intentionally uses “die” and “death” in a social context, such as a costume malfunction, intimate lift incident, or commit a career suicide. These things can bring you to ‘die’ of embarrassment! Despite the impactful message of the film, we also turn native assets in Thailand, such as Thai folk music (Looktung) and Thai government officer’s khaki uniform into an entertaining visual and sound.