Fish Flops

2019 September 21 , Siam Commercial Bank


The biggest obstacle of being an online seller is the lack of operating funds to run your business when loaning is easier said than done. Are you willing to risk your relationship by borrowing from your close friends or waste your time and energy begging big banks to give you the money for your nascent business? That's why SCB Abacus created "Mae-Manee-Sri-Online" an online loan service designed to facilitate every online seller with their money problems with a smooth and flexible loan application process that guarantees you the money you need within 24 hours.


This campaign is created specifically for online sellers, telling the twisted life of a man who didn't anticipate the hit of his 'Fish-Flop' sandals in the middle of the night. Five different films tell the story from the beginning to the end of his exhilarating and exhausting journey of finding more capitals to invest more and grow his business; each ends with "Mae-Manee-Sri-Online"’s benefits.